1. No entering any pool unless there is a Lifeguard on duty.
  2. Lifeguards must be obeyed at all times.
  3. No running or horseplay is allowed on the pool deck.
  4. No food, refreshments, gum, shoes of any kind, carriages or chairs are permitted on the pool apron.
  5. Only Coast Guard approved swim vests are permitted to be worn in the pooL Non-Swim shirts or other outer clothing is not permitted in the pool.
  6. Floatation devices will be permitted in the pool only during designated times; however oversized floatation devices are not permitted.
  7. Usage of starting blocks is not permitted unless during appropriate Swim Team functions.
  8. No Child under 8years of age may use the Main Pool unless under strict parental supervision.
  9. No Child is permitted in the Main Pool unless fully toilet trained. Non-toilet trained children must wear proper swim diape.rs and outerwear in the Kiddie Pool.
  10. No objects may be thrown into the pool.
  11. Avoid congregating or playing by ladders or stair entrances into the pool.
  12. When lap lanes are set up, lanes are reserved for swim practices or swim lessons, unless approved by management for lap swim.