Welcome to ASTC! Are you looking forward to the relaxing, warm days of summer as much as we are? Whether you are planning to swim, play tennis or pickleball, or just hang out by the pool, we hope to see you at ASTC in 2024!

ASTC offers two membership types – Bonded (Full Membership) and Seasonal. Both memberships are available for the 2024 season.

Bonded Member Families (Full Membership) are co-owners of the Club through the purchase of a refundable bond. Full memberships are guaranteed year to year (assuming annual dues are up to date). Full membership is the most cost-effective option for families looking to join for the longer term. In the first year you owe the bond payment, initiation fee and annual dues. Each year thereafter you only owe the annual dues. In the future when you give up your membership we sell your bond to a new member and return that money to you.

Seasonal Members have use of the club for one summer season only. Seasonal memberships are offered on an as-available basis and you would need to reapply each year. If you are unsure which membership option is best for you, Seasonal Membership is a great way to try out the Club for a season with the option to convert to a Full Membership.  If you convert to a Full Membership during the summer you would only owe the difference between your paid seasonal fees and the cost of a full membership.

Below is a summary of the benefits and costs of the two membership options.

Full Membership
Seasonal Membership
  • Lower annual dues
  • Year-round access to the tennis and pickleball courts
  • Access to St. Andrew’s golf course and dining facilities
  • Voting rights
  • Opportunity to become a Board Member
  • Partial ownership of the Club property
  • Ability to make membership inactive for the summer if you do not plan to use the facilities
  • Use of pool and tennis/pickleball courts during summer season only
  • Convert to full membership by August 15th for a guaranteed spot in 2025 and year round access to tennis and pickleball
Initiation Fee
One time non-refundable fee of $1,325 plus tax
Bond Payment
$2,225 – Refundable when you resign your membership and we have sold your bond to a new member
2024 Annual Dues
$1,500 plus tax
$2,400 plus tax

A membership consists of a maximum of two adults and all unmarried children under the age of 25 residing at the same address. If you have a nanny/family helper who will be accompanying your child/children to the Club you may purchase a Family Helper Pass for an additional $325. Members are welcome to bring guests to the Club. There is a daily fee for children and adult guests.

All our memberships are managed online. To sign up for a membership click here. If you have questions or would like to arrange for a tour of the Club (starting in April) contact us at membership@ardsleyswimandtennisclub.com.

We hope you will join us!