• Members are welcome to bring guests provided they accompany them throughout their visit, including their use of the tennis courts. We kindly ask members to remember their responsibility for their guests’ behavior and ensure they comply with the Club Rules.
  • Members hosting more than eight (8) guests at once must receive prior approval from the Club Manager.
  • A member must be at least 14 years old to sign in a guest.
  • Guests are permitted up to 5 visits per season, with the exception of parents of members.
  • Guests for Tennis and Pickleball are restricted to court use only and may not access the pool unless the applicable combined guest fees have been paid.

Pool Only – Guest Fees

Adults Weekdays:  $20
Adults Weekends and Holidays:  $25
Children ages 3 – 14:  $10 daily
Children under 3:  Free

Tennis / Pickleball Only

Weekdays:  $20
Weekends and Holidays:  $25

Combined Pool and Tennis / Pickleball

Adults Weekdays:  $30
Adults Weekends and Holidays:  $40
Children 14 and under:  $20 daily